Sunday, November 11, 2012


William and I have spent the last four days participating in professional training.  We are now trained Parenting Coordinators, which is a role where either attorneys or mental health professionals help couples who are divorcing, who are high conflict, become more educated regarding how their behavior affects their children, and helps them mediate parenting issues.  I am really excited to take this training and implement it into my professional life.  It has been really surreal to attend this training with William, and discuss a field where our professions diverge.  The role of Parenting Coordinator is one implemented in our current location, but I am wondering how it will translate to Washington.

Because we are finally going to move.  My mother had a stroke a few weeks ago.  Jaxon and I went out for a few days to help my she and my Dad.  During those days, it really became clear to me that now was the time to make the move.  And it coincides well with William's education.  After this spring, he will be finished with all of his coursework, and has cleared it with his school that he will do his dissertation long distance.  I'm not sure how the 'internship' piece of the puzzle is going to work out, but we will figure out each step as we move along.

For now, the plan is to move to the city I was raised in.  To do this, we need to sell our home - a kind of scary prospect, but we will work it out.  It has been a time of many changed plans, and reorganizing.  I am grateful for a husband that pretty much goes along with the major things I want to do.  He is very supportive.

I want to dive into Parenting Coordination as soon as I can get some clients in Indiana.  I feel that this is an area that really calls out to me. Advocating for children would be very rewarding (and difficult, I am sure).