Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For Reals

At this time of the year, when I start hearing about other people's tri-lingual, global-trotting, uber-rich, gifted families that all play golf, snorkel, horseback ride, have funded non-profit charities, all while renovating their homes, I think about what I would really write in a Christmas card update letter, if I actually sent one out.

Well folks, this year, here is my gift to you .....

Top Family Achievements:

1.)  This year, our biggest family achievement is that the six of us all still reside in the same home together.  I am grateful for that.

2.)  My biggest personal achievement is a discovery:  hypothetically, a person can throw on a sweatshirt, go put gas in the car and get groceries - all without ever having replaced the upper undergarment famously burned in the 60's.

3.)  Runner-up personal achievement :  any day I manage to get through without having to cook dinner.

4.)  Kids achievements:  (in order to protect the guilty, I will not name names, but they know who they are....)

A.  Being able to successfully pee without getting any urine in the toilet whatsoever.
B.  Playing computer or video games from sunup to sundown on a Saturday (to keep the record straight, you think you "got away with it," but it was a day I just let you do it).
C.  Mastering the art of nagging, demanding, manipulating, to the point that i will unpredictably state sometimes "fine, yes, just leave me alone!"
D. Is no longer that 'perfect baby' and is now capable of shenanigans like the other children.

I will take the real us any day.  The good, the bad, the ugly:  this is what makes our family ours.  As much as they daily drive me insane and push my limits, they daily melt my heart and make me grateful - so very, very grateful that God has blessed us with four children.

On the days that I feel like the burdens are too heavy, I look around and count my many blessings for all that I have in my life.  Heavenly Father has truly looked after us.  My Savior has walked side by side with me many days.  Through all the chaos, love is present in my home.  Who wants a perfect family anyway =).